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Cisco ASR a thousand Series provides entire-provider IP Security

The Cisco ASR a thousand Series supplies a substantial improved value when compared to prior generations of Cisco midrange routing methods by offering extra than tenfold efficiency improvement with providers working. Also, the routers have hardware and application software redundancy, also as an marketplace-leading higher-availability style and design.

The Cisco ASR one thousand Series gives various services embedded inside of the Cisco QuantumFlow Processor at wire speeds from two.5 Gbps to 40 Gbps. The companies supported on the Cisco QuantumFlow Processor consist of protection products and services (for occasion, encryption and firewall), superb of support (QoS), Network-Based mostly Software Recognition (NBAR), Cisco IOS® Adaptable Packet Matching (FPM), broadband aggregation, and Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) (previously known as Session Border Controller, or SBC), amongst other individuals.

With all the separation from the control and details planes within the Cisco ASR a thousand Series Router architecture, computer program redundancy (on the Cisco ASR 1001, ASR 1002 Mounted, ASR 1002, and ASR 1004 Routers) and hardware redundancy (on the Cisco ASR 1006 and ASR 1013 Routers) are supplied. Also, the modular Cisco IOS XE Pc computer software that is absolutely presented with all the Cisco ASR 1000 Series facilitates In-Assistance Software Upgrade (ISSU).
The Cisco ASR 1001 Router also introduces the principle of built-in daughter cards (IDCs). There is a simple ASR 1001 base design without the need of an integrated daughter card and five designs with built-in daughter cards supplying a variety of more I/O connectivity or an built-in tough disk push operator quantities comply with:

• ASR1001: Base model without the need of acquiring an IDC
• ASR1001-2XOC3POS: Delivered with an IDC that gives 2 OC-three Packet-about-SONET/SDH (PoS) ports
• ASR1001-4XT3: Delivered with an IDC that presents 4 T3 ports (no E3 circuitry)
• ASR1001-4X1GE: Delivered with an IDC that provides 4 GE ports
• ASR1001-8CHT1E1: Delivered with an IDC that presents eight channelized T1/E1 ports
• ASR1001-HDD: Delivered with an built-in tricky disk drive (HDD)

Outstanding application availability at the WAN edge:
Ensure large-concern apps by generating a virtual "glass ceiling" for reduced-concern purposes.
• Applies Modular QoS CLI (MQC) policies on VLANs or tunnels
• Clamps an arbitrary assortment of minimal-concern targeted traffic to a specific bandwidth
• Classifies centered on differentiated providers code point (DSCP), NBAR, and Cisco IOS FPM into numerous hierarchies, a single for substantial main concern and a single for very low main concern
• Implements adaptable hierarchies
• Supports 128,000 queues
• Makes it possible for all queues to have a minimal, highest, and extra bandwidth with main concern propagation
Multiservice, scalable, and secure headend:
The Cisco ASR 1000 Series presents full-provider IP Safety (IPsec*) VPN aggregation that scales to meet up with the new bandwidth demands of company supplier IP VPNs.
• Lowers CapEx and OpEx by migrating and consolidating to less Cisco ASR a thousand Series Routers
• Shields investment decision as a result of easy transition to much greater encryption assist - presenting encryption support of up to 11 Gbps with the 40-Gbps Cisco ASR a thousand Series ESP (ASR1000-ESP40)
• Gives a lot easier management as a result of embedded security providers in the Cisco QuantumFlow Processor, with no added services modules or blades demanded
• Optimized for QoS and IP Multicast purposes
• Supports hundreds of web-sites
• Supports 4000 IPsec tunnels
• Gives you up to eleven-Gbps encryption overall performance and up to 29-Gbps noncryptographic throughput assist with the Cisco ASR 1000 Series forty-Gbps Embedded Providers Processor (ASR1000-ESP40) motor
Embedded superior-velocity firewall:
With the Zone-Dependent Policy Firewall, the Cisco ASR a thousand Series acts as an implicit complete barrier concerning any interfaces not members of the similar zone. An explicit zone-pair plan ought to be specified (using Cisco Policy Language that is, MQC) in each individual route amongst each and every zone pair. The plan establishes inside the router the sort of stateful examination (Layer four, Layer seven, or software) and session parameters to use to each zone pairing.
Case in point: An specific plan allowing HTTP and Domain Name Technique (DNS) to traverse the World-wide-web-DMZ zone boundary would be necessary.
• The firewall is embedded in the Cisco QuantumFlow Processor no added support blades or modules are expected
• Multigigabits of bandwidth are routed though at the exact time the router performs Zone-Based mostly Coverage Firewall and other baseline attributes these as QoS, IPv4, IPv6, NetFlow, and many others.
• The Cisco ASR 1000 Series supplies logging of all firewall session states off to community-management apps able of accepting comparatively substantial amounts of flow data. Third-occasion purposes can cope with the session info
• Delivers firewall effectiveness of 2.5 to 40 Gbps, depending on the embedded companies processor
• Presents significant-pace logging of 40,000 sessions for each second with NetFlow Version 9
Managed CPE:
This implementation of department-business architecture provides impressive financial investment protection with expert services and scale.
• Managed CPE will help branch workplaces route correctly around many sorts of Ethernet company-level agreements (SLAs)
• This application encrypts multigigabits of bandwidth - without having any further provider blades or modules
• Managed CPE optimizes the WAN to route about brownouts in the provider supplier network to further more guarantee mission-vital apps
• This application presents small form variables (one rack unit [1RU] for the Cisco ASR 1001 and two rack models [2RUs] for the Cisco ASR 1002 Mounted and ASR 1002 Routers), together with software program modularity and ISSU. Be aware: ISSU is not supported on ASR1001, ASR1002-F, ASR1002 and ASR1004. Managed CPE gives accessibility even when the Cisco IOS Computer software is straight down
• Gives you first-in-business program redundancy support, without any further hardware module, on ASR1001, ASR1002-F, ASR1002, and ASR1004. Components redundancy and ISSU is supported on ASR1006 and ASR1013
• Gives impressive firewall and Network Handle Translation (NAT) effectiveness of 2.5 to forty Gbps and 1.8- to eleven-Gbps encryption assist in addition to WAN optimization and voice functions

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